As every season, when we think of spring-summer makeup, we always imagine a radiant, moist skin, tanned cheeks and a palette of pretty pastel shades. This 2019, of course faithfully follows these three commandments, but comes loaded with glitter and metallic effects. The electric pink is imposed on lips, the golden shine on eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes, the white eyeliner comes back strong to enlarge the eyes, … but if there is one essential, it is undoubtedly the highlighter.

The illuminator is a cosmetic used for a long time, although it is true that it had never been as fashionable as now. Often relegated to the catwalks, this season is imposed on the streets. It plays a leading role in the coolest makeup looks this summer.

There are many products with light, brightness or glitter effect that have been introduced to the market in recent years. And many consumers who have signed up to this trend. And it’s not surprising, because they give a really special finish to the skin, a final touch to any incredible makeup, a visible aspect of good face that causes addiction … And in a second. And in a very easy way.

The range of lighting products and glitter finish is very large, with a wide variety of types, textures and colours.

Highlighter types according to their texture:

Powder illuminators

They are the best known, the most discreet. Ideal for oily skin. They can be used on top of the makeup base, or alone.

Tricks: For a natural finish, blend it with a brush.

Liquid illuminators

They are the most versatile and the most addicted. They are formulas of fluid texture easy to spread and blur. Very little quantity is required and, like liquid foundations, they are applied by drops, ideally packaged in by a dropper for greater precision and a clean safe and easy usage.They love any type of skin and they contribute to give them the light that they naturally lack. In addition the also give a pleasant sensation of hydration.

Tricks: Can be used under the base for a natural look. Although it is advisable that this is not high coverage to avoid blocking the light effect.Applied on top of the base they will get a more exaggerated finish so it is best to apply only at strategic points: cheekbones, nasal septum, chin … You will enhance the strength of your features.

Illuminators in cream

These products are halfway between the liquid and the powder, and because of their creamy texture much more compact and dense they are more limited in their use. They are placed on top of the base, before the matifying powders. They can be presented in different formats such as stick, compact container … and are especially recommended in mixed or dry skins.


Types of highlighters according to their level of brightness:

Illuminators with glitter particles

There are many products that add glitter particles to their formula, for a quite intense and visible effect. The glitter highlights on the skin giving the makeup a more sophisticated effect so far more appropriate for the night. Today, the boom is such that it is not surprising to see glitter looks at any time of the day. This spring summer, dare with peach and terracotta tones at any time of the day.

Illuminators with pearly shine

Pearlescent illuminators do not contain glitter particles. They give off a much more natural shine and are much more disguised in the face with a more subtle and elegant result.

Dull illuminators

They are a type of highlighter that does not provide a shiny effect to the skin, they are matte finish, and are used to visually elevate some areas of the face, highlighting features versus the rest. Essential in the makeup set of any professional.