Bespoke solutions

Committed to customers and services

Virospack provides customised solutions in response to the demands of each customer and market, a wide range of turnkey packages. For us, each order is a new project to which we assign a responsible technician throughout the process. There are many projects that we have carried out for the most recognised international brands, both specific and general, all developed in-house and working at all times very closely with the brand. We offer an integrated service that goes from the design with rendering and 3D to the final prototype.

We put all our experience in technical advice at the disposal of the brand to guarantee the precision, sealing and functionality of the dropper, as well as the compatibility of the formula with all components and their decoration. Strict quality controls, approved by the most prestigious cosmetics brands, and state-of-the-art automatic production, decoration and assembly lines, combine with a meticulous shipment chain to deliver the best packaging solutions universally.

Technical Consultancy

Helping Brand Performance

Our technical department is always at the service of brands to offer them the best final result for each project. Our engineers work alongside customers analysing the best choice of materials, manufacturing techniques and components, to answer their desires and meet their packaging requirements.

Design & Prototyping

Engineering for Specifics

Following the indications of the brand's design and/or development department, our specialist engineers handle the customised development. Specific proposals made at the request of clients and in response to their briefing, which combine functionality and design according the wishes of the brand. Our long experience and advanced technical equipment allows us to be flexible and offer viable solutions within short time frames.

Testing Laboratory

Evaluating the Overall Viability

To ensure the full compatibility of cosmetic formulas with our droppers, we offer a fully-equipped test lab available to all customers to perform both package compatibility and functionality testing. We can determine the component materials suitable to each product and decoration testing.

Quality Assurance

Certified and Approved by Our Q&L´S CONTROLS

With over 95% of Virospack's products being exported to every continent, our QA department is totally familiar with the demands of the international cosmetics industry. We follow international standards and cater for client specific controls. We will ensure the client has the relevant technical drawings and certificates of analysis. All components are Reach compliant and material data sheets are available for all components.

Supply Chain

Fulfilling deliveries

We produce over than 70 million droppers and more than 15 million bottles each year. We manage over than 1.000 shipments a year to all five continents. We offer the service of an international supply chain, ensuring the timely delivery of each order according to the export regulations applicable to each country, in perfect condition.

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