Bespoke Droppers

Committed to quality and innovation

Virospack offers a large range of references that are easy to customise, as well as client moulding, that cater to the desire of a brand for personalisation. The manufacture and control of all components and decoration techniques in our own facilities ensures that customers receive a unique, tailor-made and totally customised packaging. Seeking ongoing improvement and greater production capacity and flexibility, Virospack has just inaugurated a new factory.

Its new production unit is one of the most modern and fastest of the sector and it integrates multiple manufacturing and decoration processes with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. A heavy investment in facilities, machines, moulds and decoration that combined with our serious commitment to R&D, to continue leading and being trendsetter in the dropper market.


Ideal for short to medium-sized production runs with low tooling costs and short development cycles. The best technology to customise caps with the possibility to produce heavy, high quality pieces.


The modern facility, equipped with high-tech machines, belies the company's depth of experience in injection moulding. As well as conventional materials such as PP, SAN, PE and ABS and TPE, we experiment with different materials to achieve the correct technical and aesthetic finish.


Rubber formulation and transformation was Virospack's core activity. Proprietary formulas, developed to suit demanding product applications, are mixed on site ensuring 100% control over the final component. These materials are then transformed into vulcanised components by modern rubber injection moulding machines. The various product families are bulbs and rubber massagers, manufactured with the most ideal materials (nitrile, butyl and natural rubber) for each case.


Virospack works with laser technology for the fastest production in its pipettes section. Laser technology offers faster production speeds that enable Virospack to increase its capacity and flexibility, with shorter lead times for product manufacture and delivery. It also offers precision cutting that ensures that the excellence of work methodology and strict quality control levels demanded by Virospack for its customers, are met. The last laser technology to guarantee the final quality of the more than 80 million units that Virospack can produce per year.


Tubular glass offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio combined with an excellent level of clarity and dimensional stability. Virospack's glass transformation processing area ensures that components are transformed in ideal conditions to the highest manufacturing tolerances. This method of manufacturing is characterised by its flexibility in adapting height, axial diameter and neck thread. The use of neutral Glass Class First hydrolytic in transparent or amber guarantees the best finish. Virospack has progressively invested in new flexible machines with vision control systems and versatile stations which can transform a wide range of diameters, with the possibility of producing a wide range of vials with different sizes and capacities.


A purpose-built electrostatic paint facility allows us to offer decorated glass in a range of opaque and translucent colours in both bright and matt finishes. This process, and the fact that the paints used are water-based, complies with paint industry regulations and, no less importantly, respects the environment. More recently an aerographic spray painting line has been incorporated allowing us to produce any special effect on glass and plastic, from degradé to pearly finish, two or three coats with conventional or UV curing.


A modern and well-equipped, organic and UV, screen printing department allows us to offer manual and fully automatic one, two and three colour screen-printing. The quality of the printing exceeds the needs of the most demanding customer. A section with automatic machines and manual machines which gives Virospack a year capacity of over of 50 million units.


The metallization line was added to our operations to respond to the demand of the cosmetic market for high-quality metallisation finish. We have two automatic metallisation lines with a production capacity of 40 million of pieces a year.


The assembly of droppers has been an automated process for a few years. With machines dedicated to classic and push button droppers, capacity is around 40K units per day per machine and can be supported by manual assembly. In our new productive unit, we have incorporated the most advanced robotic machinery for fully automated assembly, which working with our automatic gluing machines, gives us an assembly capacity of almost 150 million droppers per year.