The beauty market always looks for new designs, creativity, innovation and personalization, with the marketing mix always respecting the brand concept. That is what Virospack knows and innovates in new developments to offer design and personalization to their clients.

A customized dropper, being coherent with the spirit of the brand, is a way for it to gain legitimacy and differentiation. A way to answer to the desire for exclusivity of beauty industry. A trend, and in some sense a need, in this competitive market

“Thanks to our R&D department, closely with the technical team, our potential of innovation and development is important. Our design possibilities are big and our capacity to get the results that our customers are looking for, one of our main competitive values”

Many of the droppers well known brands worldwide, with a specific design, have been developed and manufactured in Virospack. “It hasn’t always been easy to get the desired result requested by clients”. Developments that sometimes have changed the market, become a real trend or that are recognized as a value of the brand.

“Since 1956, a long career that consolidates Virospack as The Dropper Company, we have developed alternative techniques, looked for new solutions and always worked closely with customers as a partner, moving in the same direction, developing customized droppers as the expression of branding”.

“Our standards can be also customized thanks to our in-house decoration techniques”. One of the unique features about Virospack is the combination of all manufacturing and all decoration processes, operated under one roof.