Droppers for nail treatments

With the market explosion for nail colours and related products, demand has increased dramatically with regard to the use of droppers for nail treatments. Virospack, with a sound background in supplying compatible droppers for both cuticle oils and fast dry drops, has released a line of droppers that are perfect for nail care products for use by professionals and consumers.

With a large market variety of nail bottles featuring standard 13/415 or 15/415 screw necks, the choice of droppers at Virospack is ample. The company offers an incredible array of options and decorative techniques: from classic to push button, in standard white or black, custom colours from pastel to neon, with metal shells or fully metallized for luxury ranges.  Many of the most popular brands on the market currently use Virospack’s droppers, as they offer smooth dispensing and a high level of quality simply not found elsewhere.

The availability of different bulb or collar materials to ensure product compatibility are another benefit that Virospack offers. The company makes sure to test each product formula independently to offer the solution that will ensure no product leakage or issues related to evaporation.

Virospack constantly invests in new technology and in expanding its facilities. With manufacturing and component decoration under one roof, the company controls the entire production cycle – from the design stage to the delivery of the packaging, ensuring a single point of contact for the client.  The company’s technical staff always does its utmost to work with the client’s creative group to ensure functionality and compatibility.