The first real autofill bulb dropper on the market, winner of the Best Innovation in Packaging 2017

The First Real Autofill Dropper on the market, developed and manufactured in Virospack facilities, awarded as The Best Innovation in Packaging by the Make Up in Paris jury.

This unique dropper is the First Real Autofill Bulb Dropper, an innovative dispenser because it’s a push button dropper with a bulb inside that has a patented autofill system. On the market, there are other autofill packs but none with a rubber bulb dropper.

The unique autofill dropper for a precise formula in-take, suitable for higher viscosity cosmetics, with a premium closure control, that has been selected by an expert committee and presented on the Innovation Tree of products at Makeup in Paris, on the 22nd and 23rd of June this year.

At this annual event, 36 innovations were selected from among all the exhibitors’ novelties in formulations, packaging, accessories and full services. Virospack Autofill Dropper is the winner of the Award for the Best Innovation in Packaging, 2017.