Virospack presents a classic dropper with a special safety closing system, new in cosmetics packaging.

Developed in response to current needs and regulations of the beauty industry, the Secure Dropper has been specially designed to protect the youngest children from misuse of the product; as well as for cosmetics which are formulated with ingredients that by legislation need tighter security. Totally customisable and compatible with 20/410 neck bottles.

Committed to innovation while responding to the changing requirements of brands and end-consumers, Virospack heavily invests in R&D to continuously introducing new packaging proposals.

The newest proposal from the company is a classic dropper that, respecting all the attributes of its products –quality, personalisation, precision and safety- incorporates a new secure closing system. We are talking about the most secure dropper on the market to care for all your treasures. It´s the first certified by the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) as Child Resistant Package in the beauty industry.

· It´s a cosmetic dispenser dropper with a new safety lock system, for a more difficult opening for children and therefore greater protection by preventing them from opening it.

· It´s a new dropper with a protection closure mechanism that meets the necessary security measures for those products that contain certain actives, which by law must be packaged in compliance with more stringent regulations. This point is really important in some countries like the US and for cosmetics with ingredients like CBD or THC, one of the main trends of this year in beauty treatments.

· Its new sealing system requires users to press down and turn, making it more difficult to open following industry standards.

· In-take formula dosage: 0.80ml

· Compatible with 20/410 neck bottles.

Developed and manufactured by the internal team of Virospack, the new dropper offers the highest level of functionality, precision and compatibility. Above these excellent characteristics, it brings too quality aligning it perfectly to the position of the brand with the versatility to incorporate the dropper into any line.

The Secure Dropper can be totally personalised thanks to the wide range of decoration techniques made in Virospack´s facilities –colour injection, painting, and metallization- .

The two piece cap can be customised in different colours and finishes, increasing the options for the full pack final look.

This new proposal of Virospack is the safest dropper on the market.