The use of droppers for cosmetics is a clear and increasing trend in the market, with oils being one of the biggest trends nowadays.

The Hero Project ™ has recently presented a superb product, Glow Drops®, a dry touch facial oil made with over 98% natural essential oils plus a shot of lipid vitamin C, that instantly helps smooth, nourish and brighten skin.

This delicate and effective, ultra silky facial oil is presented in a qualitative packaging developed and manufactured entirely by Virospack.

Glow Drops comes in a smart bottle with an easy to use push button dropper so the user can get the right quantity of drops every time. It also has a clever dimple in the base to ensure every last drop is reached.

The glass dropper bottle is the perfect package for cosmetic brands which produce delicate formulas like this oil, being the perfect applicator for liquid and fluid solutions that require easy dispensing with precision.

The moulded glass bottle used for this launch, has a 30ml capacity, and it’s one of the two models of moulded glass bottles that are supplied by Virospack. It is a high quality and heavy weight, thanks to the thick glass bottom of the bottle.

Virospack’s dispenser pack combines a cosmetic, premium presentation, with an innovative technique; a ‘last drop’ finish that allows for a product restitution of under 0.4% of the product —much lower than the norm— a concept that is highly valued by consumers.

Thanks to Virospack’s in-house decoration techniques, the bottle has been customized answering the briefing of the brand utilizing silk screening in two colours – black and yellow. The decoration of this packaging hasn’t been easy due to the geometry and the delicate precision of the design, but thanks to the decoration department working closely with THE HERO PROJECT team, the final result perfectly transmits the design requested by the client.

A push button dropper in a 20/410 neck thread completes the full package of Glow Drops — an impacting design also combining two colours, for a wonderful completed set.

The combination of the silver shell of the cover with the button injected in custom yellow, consolidates the brand’s authentic look.

— A dropper totally compatible and made to ensure an easy and comfortable application of the oil with a controlled and precise dosage.

— A dropper that fits perfectly with the bottle, and the clean pipette thanks to the standard wiper developed by Virospack to wipe the pipette clean with formulas like oils.