The beauty of simplicity

The beauty of simplicity

Are you looking for the best packaging for your brand with a fast turnaround?


Contact us at and discover our wide catalogue. Don´t miss out on our full pack range made of high-quality, transparent, and lightweight tubular glass bottles, combined with our functional and precise droppers. Fast track and low MOQ dropper packs, composed of glass vials that fit perfectly with our classic and push-button droppers, now available with a shorter leadtime.

Our tubular glass bottles, highly compatible with delicate formulations, offer an excellent level of clearness, a completely see-through and polished look that exudes the premium finishes Virospack is known to deliver. Their fantastic strength-to-weight ratio and dimensional stability take the vial to the next level, ensuring the delivery of an excellent solution that both looks good and keeps products safe. 

The use of first-class neutral hydrolysis in clear and amber vials guarantees a high-quality and sleek finish, after all, Virospack has progressively invested in new flexible lines with vision control systems and versatile stations and has developed the capability to produce a wide range of vials of different necks, diameters, and capacities.

Customizable glass vials that fit perfectly with our large spectrum of droppers, thus allowing more than 160 complete packages.  

Virospack’s glass section guarantees the glass is produced under ideal conditions and respecting the environment. Our unique manufacturing method, combined with our professional background in glass packaging development, allows us to offer flexibility to meet client’s requirements at ease. Thanks to our latest state of the art tubular glass manufacturing machines, which not only we have increased our productivity, but because of the way they operate, with 2 machines sharing a single oven, we considerably lessen our strain on the planet. This, together with the production of light weight tube bottles, makes the whole process a far more sustainable solution.