A wider range of droppers for hair care

A wider range of droppers for hair care

Taking care of hair drop by drop is a current trend that Virospack knows very well.

Responding to the needs and increased demands of hair care brands, the company has presented a specific standard dropper line for this market.

Not all hair products have the same needs so the packaging addresses these needs accordingly.

In search of the combination of design and functionality, two main requirements for this packaging market, Virospack has developed a standard range of droppers thinking of both professionals and consumers.

A range that offers options of application dosage which depend on the bulb design and size and the formula specifications. A dosage range from 0.8-1.7ml.

Different sizes, designs and finishes for the cap for a unisex image, a treatment style or a more cosmetic or pharmaceutical look.

The pipettes can be decorated as a way of customizing the dropper. It can be done for a minimum cost and a high impact for the brand. Virospack offers the option to silk screen standard pipettes with the colour, design or logo that the brand requires for differentiation. For many hair products the formula application drop by drop is important as is the exact dosage of product on the affected area, in professional and home treatments, for which the indication of graduation screened on the pipette is a recurring request by the hair care industry.

Pipettes with different diameters and tips to cover all possible applications.

As with all our products, we produce all components in-house and we also decorate in-house, offering a selection of decoration techniques for accomplishing unique droppers.

Package covering categories such as hair loss products, nourishing oils, styling formulas, tip restructuring, shine….

A specific line of droppers for the hair market with different designs, sizes and finishes and with an in-take formula from 0.8ml to 1.7ml. A bigger dosage than in other categories need for the hair care, with a bigger area of applications and treatment.

As all our range of droppers, the hair care droppers are produced under the rigorous quality control of company.

The standard range of droppers for hair care include:
Bigger formula in-take capacity 0.8–1.7ml.
Bigger cap diameter. Available in different materials and in 240-330mm for bottles ranging from 75 -200ml.
Smaller capacity for single dose or home treatment packs of dosage 0.20-0.65 ml.
Available in thread 13/415, 15/415, E5, 20/410, 24/410 & 28/410.
For bottle ranging from height 4cm to 150cm.
Pipette tips from curved ball to rounded flat tip.
Bigger diameter of pipettes 7.25-9.25. Easy to silk screen with dosage.
Big range of standard finishes of bulb colour, cap material or colour for differentiation.
In-house production and decoration.