AN IMAGE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS, but when to a good image we add TOUCH, the impact is greater.

Provoking sensations, awakening emotions, generating illusion and creating desire for beauty products are essential features of a cosmetic container.

At VIROSPACK, we are aware of the important role that packaging plays in the purchase and usage time of a product, and as such we have worked for many years with this at the heart of our innovation. In search of excellence and at the service of brands, our proposals always make functionality and design.

Each year we invest in new developments that provide functional improvements to our range, as well as innovative decoration techniques to increase the customization options

We present the SOFT TOUCH finish, a decoration that awakens more than one sense.

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we have introduced specially treated novel pigments and waxes in our painting process. The combination of them results in a very delicate finish.

• A smooth, silky, emotionally cosmetic and pleasing to the touch finish.

• Satin matte finish, bright and velvety, eye-catching.

The decoration of our cosmetic droppers is undertaken at our in-house facilities to ensure an exemplary final result as well as full satisfaction of the brand’s needs.

The vials with Soft Touch finish can also be screen-printed and decorated with a gradient effect in a wide range of colours at a greater or lesser intensity of colour. Our tubular vials are available from 2ml to 30ml capacity and our moulded glass bottles from 15ml to 30ml, all of them can be combined with our wide range of droppers, classic or push-button, which in turn are available in a large range of finishes and materials for in-house customization.

SOFT TOUCH – the decoration option that is both eye-catching image and pleasing to the touch.