The beard is today much more than a fashion. A sign of identity for men. An imposing trend that requires great nurturing.


The beard has become a true revolution for the world of fashion. The beard says much of a person’s style, it is more than a trend, it’s almost a sign of identity.

There are different types of beard and they act as a good fashion complement, each style of beard is associated with a profile of man, an image, a lifestyle.

But if there is something that all stylists and fashion gurus agree on, it’s that the beard should be well shaped, giving a feeling of “be neat, but not scruffy.” And to achieve this it needs to be well cared for with specific products, not the easiest of tasks.

For both the pre and post shave, moisturizing is essential. With the moisturizing we prepare the skin opening the pores and softening the beard, which will be less aggressive when shaving. And of course, when hydrating after shaving, we repair and regenerate, very important. But if you stick to fashion with a beard, not only should you take care of it when you shave, but daily, embedded in your routine.

In addition to going to barbers’ on a regular basis, there are some essentials that need to be followed at home:

· Wash it daily with a specific Shampoo.
· Use specific Moisturizing Oils daily to moisturize hair. They will help strengthen, repair and condition, and prevent dryness of tips.
· Dry it better with dryer and use a special brush to comb it, always after hydration.
· Moustache also needs regular cleaning and special treatment.

In the daily hydration of beard it´s essential to use specific products, otherwise we will take care of the skin from below but we will dry the hair.

Hydrating the beard.

The best products for moisturizing are oils and balms. We can choose one or the other according to our preferences, the oil being lighter and less greasy than the balm. Oils are cosmetics formulated with natural products and bases of essential oils to hydrate, care and repair the hair and scalp. The formula varies though many include jojoba, almond, argane, tea tree, grape seed or grapefruit. These ingredients are used for their moisturizing and repairing properties to help take care of the beard, give it a healthy look and shine, and of course take care of the skin that is hidden behind the hair, avoiding scaling / dandruff and other consequences of dryness. They also give control to the always rebellious hair, and softness, thus facilitating the hairstyle.

How to apply beard oil?

Most beard oils come with a dropper, thus demonstrating to the consumer that it is a high concentration product that needs precise dosing and application.

They can be applied in 2 ways, on a dry or damp beard, depending on the length and thickness and the number of applications that we will apply a day.

If we hydrate the beard every few days will require a greater application but if instead, we make 2 or 3 applications a day, the amount will be much lower. In any case, we apply with the dropper the dose we see fit, we extend the product between our hands and massage the beard trying to touch the skin.

The use of the dropper allows an accurate and controlled dosage, which results in a comfortable and clean application, not easy for this type of oily formulas.

The reality is that a good beard oil causes a certain “addiction”, the softness, freshness and aroma that contribute will sooner or later become an indispensable in the daily routine.

Tip: either for excess when applying the oil or simply because you want to get a more matte look, you can always give a small blow to the beard after applying the oil to remove the shine