Virospack is proud to present to its customers an in-house metalization section.

Continuously aiming to improve the services available to customers, we decided to create a new internal metalizing section. The main advantages are that all the orders can be delivered within a short lead time and respecting customer’s quality requirements. The tooling utilities are also done inhouse, which allows us to try out new items in a tight schedule. The items metalised with an extremely good quality up to date are caps and dropper caps or shells and bottles up to 15ml.

For drying methods we have two options, the traditional heating chamber can be used and as the newest method, UltraViolet drying is available. The two door vacuum chamber in the line will allow us to manage high capacity orders.

This section increases the offers of in-house decorating in addition to:

Water based electrostatic painting

Aerographic painting – for lacquered, gradient or 2 coat paints

The full package can now be decorated from top to bottom within the same four walls, following the same quality criteria in all sections.