Virospack presents a new powder-dispensing system for two-component extemporary products. 

It´s a new proposal in packaging for mixing powder with liquid formulas or liquid with liquid, with a novel design and a greater capacity.

Virospack´s New Duomix is the ideal proposal for high-grade formulas, keeping the two components intact until de moment of usage and maintaining in this way the integrity and potency of the formula after mixing them.


The new Duomix Twist & Shake is ideal for cosmetics that need greater capacity of one or both extemporary products thanks to its new design with a reservoir cap 3ml of capacity and a larger integrated piston with twist.


Intuitive, easy and comfortable usage.

1. TWIST. Upon the first use, twist the cap to open the reservoir.

2. MIX. Once the reservoir is opened, shake the bottle to mix both components.

3. READY FOR USE. Once the two components are mixed, the product is ready to be applied by the pipette to neatly dispense it with precision and security of a dropper.

The new Duomix fits perfectly with Virospack tubular glass bottles on depending of the capacity demanded by the brand. 

All parts of the full pack are totally customizable.

Formulas with Vitamin C (ideal for its revitalizing, antioxidant and especially illuminating properties, and well appreciate for dull and devitalized skin), with whitening active ingredients (high demanded, especially in Asian countries but also in many others, for correcting imperfections and spots and giving to the skin uniformity and transparency), or water-free, are a current and future trend.  We are talking about cosmetics formulated with two-component that must be separated until the usage moment. For this kind of formula needs, Virospack offers from many time ago its Duomix and from now its New Duomix Twist & Shake, two different solutions included in its wide range of standard references.