Functionality, design and ergonomics

Functionality, design and ergonomics

In Virospack we are aware of the importance that design and image play in the cosmetic industry but we also know that packaging must be functional –easy and sure to use by consumers.-

Betting on this search for differentiation and the most innovative design, together with the best functionality, the company’s R & D department working closely with the technical team, has developed the most ergonomic bulb on the market.

Virospack presents a new dropper with rubber bulb of innovative design. A new bulb look, with more stylized and cosmetic lines, greater visibility and higher capacity. A bulb with a special curvature in the centre that subtly simulates the figure of a woman, indicating with it the area to be tightened for the in-take product.


DESIGN because it is different from what there is in the market. Innovation and subtlety.

FUNCTIONALITY thanks to the curvature that facilitates the in-take formula that is of 0.8ml, bigger than the most droppers. Ideal for products that require an application in a larger dosage or in a more extensive treatment area (hair treatments, body cosmetics, or even men…).

ERGONOMY because the curvature indicates the area to be tightened in the dropper use.

To highlight the innovative curvature of this new bulb, it can be decorated giving it greater prominence and customizing the finish of the packaging.

The decoration, always responding to the brand’s briefing, can be made with 3D surface technology for a textured effect. A micro-relief finish, really eye-catching, with the design requested by the brand -simulating a fingerprint, leather, velvet… or even with a matte non-slip texture further emphasizing that this is the area to be tightened in the dropper usage-.

An innovative dropper with a new bulb design, with a greater dosage capacity of 0.8ml, more stylized and ergonomic, and easily customizable.

A bulb that extends the range of standards offered by the company, compatible with the full range of standard caps that Virospack has in its catalogue.

A new propose by The Dropper Company, as always, developed, manufactured and decorated in its facilities under the same roof -trendsetting and ensuring the final quality-.