It’s a specific line of droppers for nail packages that guarantee total compatibility and adaptability, not always easy for nail cosmetics, for use by professionals and at home.

Our droppers adapt to a wide variety of bottles with different necks and designs for an easy integration with the rest of products in a line. The strict tests carried out in our laboratory ensure the compatibility of our packaging with formulas; some internal and severe quality controls that few packaging manufacturers carry out-.

Virospack also offers a standard range of tubular vials with big small formats. They come in 3ml – 30ml, being the most common capacity in this category 3, 5 or 7ml.

The boom that the nail cosmetic market has experienced in last years is not new. It is an increasingly large and dynamic market with yet more growth being predicted by experts.

It’s not too long ago that few women wore their nails in bright or strident colours – something that has changed a lot. Today to wear coloured nails is very common among consumers all over the world. A global trend that prevails in all countries and women of totally different ages, social classes and lifestyles.

Currently the use of nail polishes is more than just a cosmetic one, it is a true fashion accessory. We are constantly connected to our smartphones or tablets, and our nails are shown off more than ever, and communicate a lot about a woman. They are the ideal finishing touch for a desired look. Acting as a detail, they allow us to change and to convey a look depending on the personality, mood, season, moment or occasion.

Nail polish is also the first colour cosmetic that girls use at an earlier age. It’s the make up category which every day consumers buy into at a younger age.

Not only have nail varnishes become more popular but so have nail treatments, because to have beautiful nails before painting, we need to take care of them with specific products like cuticle oils, nail moisturizers, enamel dryers….
In this case, when the area to cover is very small, application in drops are advisable.

Because of this, beauty brands that haven’t had any nail cosmetics previously, have opted for this market, developing and launching complete ranges of color and nail care products.

Responding to the brand needs, beauty packaging manufacturers have also incorporated specific packs in their catalogue for this sector.

VIROSPACK, always committed to service and trends, and knowing the precision that nail cosmetics need due to the small size of the surface to be treated, the viscosity of products like oils and the aggressiveness in general of the formulas with high content in alcohol or silicone, offers a wide range of droppers made specifically for nail care.