VIROSPACK is ISO 14001 certified!

VIROSPACK is ISO 14001 certified!

Virospack is proud to announce that we have received the ISO 14001 certification.
An important recognition to share and celebrate in an internal event with all our employees who work hard every day to respect the environment.
Because a planet B doesn’t exist and we know it.

How we celebrated ISO 14001:2015?

To thank the implication, dedication, effort and awareness in respect for the environment, which all employees of Virospack have demonstrated in their work, the company wanted to share this certification with all the team.

To celebrate this new recognition of The Dropper Company -that had already been certified in 2001 for its quality with ISO 9001-, Virospack gathered more than 300 employees together in a casual and festive style lunch of, held in its own facilities.

Aida Rodriguez, Virospack Environment Manager, explained to all attendees the achievements in sustainability, thanked them for their collaboration, and encouraged all to continue working in the same direction to make Virospack a totally environmentally-friendly company.

Vicens Rodriguez, CEO, and Aida Rodriguez, Environmental Manager, during the presentation.


A buffet lunch was organized on the building’s ample terrace, under a beautiful blue sky and radiant sun, also intense heat. The attendees tasted a large variety of hot and cold dishes, all of them served in an eco-friendly presentation, avoiding all kinds of single use materials such as plastic bottles, straws or paper napkins.


    Virospack celebrates the ISO 14001 certification in an internal event in its own facilities.

Vicens and Aida Rodriguez, with the custom Virospack cake for the event.