We all like to feel special and to be treated as if we are. To differentiate us from the rest makes us to feel unique. To think that it is only for us pleases us. It is the underlying longing for exclusivity that has nowadays become almost a necessity.

The consumer is being more and more narcissistic and looks for increasingly personalized products which are causing a change in buying habits. A change that directly affects beauty products and personal care.

The cosmetic market is very competitive and dynamic. There are increasingly more products available, and getting very similar. The consumer has an excess of information and supply and starts getting bored with the offer, which is why it looks for exceptional and unique products, wanting brands to establish a different communication with them.

In this attitude change new generations have a lot to say, and soon they will turn the change into trend. They are tired of the uniformity of globalization and don´t want to be part of the mass. They reject labels and not only expect, but demand meeting with a unique and customized consumer experience. They perceive cosmetic products as sensory experiences that are expected to entertain at the same time as to see real and visible results. They continually test new experiences and share them in networks. Consult online before making a purchase. They are sensitive to quality, price although important is not the main driver of the purchase. They value the service and well-being that it causes them and look for products that are suitable for specific needs and that give them real and immediate results. And in spite of the selfies they look for well-being, because for consumers of today the beauty comes from within.

In this search for exclusivity and well-being that the cosmetic product must provide, the values that brands transmit and their presentation is really important. Packaging plays a main role, both, at the level of image in search and purchase intention, as well as in the experience of use – application, dosage and user interaction with the product.

In Virospack, each order is a project and is treated individually, looking for tailor made solutions and always at the service of each brand and its needs, because exclusivity makes the difference.