Virospack, true to its commitment to the safety and health of all its employees and complying with article 20 of Law 31/1995 of November 8 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, has organized several days of emergency training and first aid for its team.

These days were held between 24, 25 and 26 February at the company’s facilities, with a total of ten training courses lasting 4 hours each. Courses in which theoretical and above all practical notions were taught for the recycling of participants’ emergency and first aid knowledge. With content appropriate to the company’s emergency plan.

The objective of these days was to refresh notions already given in previous courses, expand the emergency equipment, motivate the whole group, and of course give them the necessary tools so that, if necessary, they can manage both an emergency and provide first aid.

We are talking about a training program in which a total of 84 workers have participated, from all areas and departments of Virospack, from HR or quality control to the sales area and technical department, administration, all sections of production, warehouse, maintenance, and members of the management committee.

We do not tire of repeating that for Virospack the greatest strength is our staff and guarantee their safety in their jobs our first objective. Therefore, in addition to taking these courses with some frequency, there is an emergency plan adapted and available to all Virospack members, placed visibly in each section and department.

Thank you to all the participants in these training sessions for your interest and involvement, so that in case of emergency can be answered quickly and effectively for the protection of all.