Do you know the newest on social media? Don’t miss MPL’Beauty

Do you know the newest on social media? Don’t miss MPL’Beauty

Mafalda Pinto Leite is an important Portuguese influencer whose food, beauty and lifestyle tips succeed in the networks. 

With her MPL’Daily blog, her posts today reach more than 217k followers on Facebook and more than 63k on Instagram.

A blog born to help in how to activate body, mind and spirit, in which she shares recipes, tricks and inspiration to generate lasting changes in the beauty, health, performance, confidence and creativity of all women.

Under this philosophy “beauty comes from what you put on your plate and on your skin”, her posts always recommend the consumption of plant foods and the use of natural beauty products. And its own MPL’Beauty cosmetic brand is of course composed of formulations with natural ingredients.

Mafalda, in addition of being a celebrity in her country and outside of her country, is – as she defines herself – a skin chef who “cooks” with the best active ingredients perfectly selected to be delicate with the skin and effective with the problems and deficiencies that it presents. And to package these precious natural formulas, Mafalda has trusted on Virospack, the specialist in cosmetic droppers with long experience in the sector that the company leads and sets trends.

MPL’Beauty is a cosmetic brand with a range of skin boosters. They are 8 different references packaged in a dispensing container with dropper dispenser. All of them presented in a full pack developed and manufactured by Virospack.

The 8 products are packaged in a transparent moulded glass bottle combined with a white dropper consisting of a rubber bulb and a double shell cap. A perfect combination for a final set with a very beautiful, clean and modern image, according to the positioning of the brand.

The glass is transparent, not decorated, thus showing the colour of the formula it contains. And since all formulations have a different colour, the result is a very colourful and cheerful range, a range with a very fashionable look, very instreamed, such as the blog and the image that Mafalda offers.

We are talking about a total of 4 references presented in a pack of 30ml capacity and 4 in a smaller format of 15ml capacity.

Virospack’s moulded glass bottle is ideal for such delicate formulas. A glass with maximum transparency and perceived quality thanks to the weight of its base. The last drop technology for the large 30ml capacity format allows less restitution to make the most of the product.

The dropper is from Virospack’s standard catalogue, a model that combines design and functionality, guaranteeing maximum precision in dosage and application as always. 

The entire range of “MPL Beauty” has the same white dropper, reference and finish. A presentation that combines perfectly with all of them, as well as with the rest of the products of the brand.

Learn more about this cosmetic line and the lifestyle philosophy behind it in MPL’ beauty (@mpl_beauty) & MPL ‘daily