Do you know the new RANAVAT Brightening Saffron Serum?

Do you know the new RANAVAT Brightening Saffron Serum?

Known in Ayurveda as the “miracle elixir”, Ranavat’s new illuminating serum is a blend of vitamin-rich botanical ingredients, recognized for their ability to promote a more even and healthier complexion.

A “miracle elixir” that must be precisely dispensed on the skin, and packaged in an autofill dropper pack manufactured by Virospack.

We are talking about a vegan formula, gluten-free, palm free and without synthetic fragrances. An organic formula to reduce skin pigmentation in a natural and effective way.

Brightening Saffron is, as its creator -Michelle Ranaca- says, an “all-in-one supercharged product”. And it is that a few drops, applied morning and night, are enough for the elimination of scars, dark spots and marks due to pigmentation problems.

Its package is composed of a moulded glass bottle and an autofill push-button dropper. A Virospack´s full pack which gives to this wonderful moisturizing serum a very premium image, in keeping with the brand positioning.

The Virospack´s glass bottle is, due to its transparency and quality, ideal for packaging this delicate formulation. A moulded glass with weight at its base for a higher quality feel. A sensation to which we add the Virospack´s last-drop technology for lower restitution of the product, something without any doubt highly valued by consumers.

This 30ml capacity bottle, painted in a bright transparent orange shade and decorated with white screen printing, combines perfectly with the gold metal shell dropper, also from Virospack.

For greater comfort and precision in the dosage and application of this new moisturizing serum, Ranavat has chosen the Autofill Dropper from Virospack, thus also ensuring the accuracy in the in-take formula in each click.

It is a high-tech, autofilling push-button dropper with an internal operating system patented by Virospack. And it is the first real dropper with automatic refill on the market, the only one with a bulb inside that incorporates a self-refilling system. A precise and safe dispenser, exact in the dosage of the product, and qualitative, both in its mechanism and in its appearance. With a premium opening and closing system for the total control in its use, and a gold metal shell finish with the highest quality, definition, and weight, for a pleasant consumer feel and comfort.