Differentiation through luxurious finishes

Differentiation through luxurious finishes

The cosmetic market is very dynamic as consumers constantly demand new options. Brands are looking for innovation so suppliers within the beauty sector must respond to these needs ever more quickly to keep pace.

Aware of this requirement, Virospack invests significantly in research and development, leading its sector in innovation as the company surprises the market with new concepts, designs and new systems, taking advantage of new materials and the latest cutting edge processes for outstanding finishes and packs produced in line with the company’s environmental commitment.

Brands demand differentiation and value to delight their consumers and make their experience with the product as pleasant as possible. Packaging plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Virospack knows this and offers solutions which meet this demand as the packaging and its decoration say a lot about the product contained within and the brand that endorses it.

A few months ago, Virospack surprised the market with a new dropper with push button, the Ring Dropper, featuring an integrated ring and button. The compact dropper is comfortable to use and is a new concept that brings together design and customization with a higher and more controlled dosage. The Ring Dropper stands out for its innovative design that plays with straight and cylindrical lines, as well as the button fully incorporated into its design. This flat button benefits from a larger surface for a more comfortable and controlled pulsation, and it can also be personalized.

Produced and developed by Virospack, Ring Dropper is proving to be popular with customers, fitting well into different market positions. This development has won several awards throughout the year, including the Make Up in Paris prize for best innovation in packaging 2019.

This dropper features a higher in-take capacity to other push button droppers on the market,” says Rosa Porras, director of marketing and communication at Virospack.

It also offers a greater decoration surface area facilitating customization of the pack, so it can be oriented to the requirements and target market of each brand. The dropper responds to the current ‘no codes’ trend for a highly functional pack that is not classified towards male or female brands, or for prestige markets or mass market, natural, technological or luxury positioning brands. It is the finish chosen by each brand who positions the dropper with a very different image and message based on the desire and style of the brand, so it can be very different.


An award-winning product

When this new design is metallized in a bright, yet delicate finish, the result is truly luxurious presenting an almost jewel-like effect. The Ring Dropper can be metallized, colour injected or painted in a multitude of standard colors as well as brand colors. The central ring can be injected in the same or a contrasting tone, thus giving a multitude of options for a finished pack with great visual impact

Benefiting from a 20/410 neck thread, the dropper can be combined with Virospack’s full range of moulded glass bottles, as well as with tubular vials on the market which also have this neck finish. A metallized finish when combined with a metallized pack, or a premium finish pack, produces a truly spectacular finished look.

Rosa continues, “We have drawn upon a visual that offers very distinct packaging finishes, and they can all be combined to offer a luxurious look. As well as a full silver pack —a metallic dropper in combination with a bottle cased in metal—, we have also presented the new dropper in rose gold with the central ring injected with a more intense shade of rose, as well as a metallized green contrasted by an injected rich turquoise ring. 

These examples showing the different tones of the three parts which form this dropper give an excellent example of the various decoration options which Virospack offers so that brands can choose a truly different, personalized dropper. Brands can also see that depending on the bottle with which the dropper is combined, whether it is one of our moulded glass bottles or tubes, the final result is very different. Multiple options are available, making this an excellent example of how Virospack’s products can be tailored to the requirements and desires of customers.