The cosmetic world has always been about illusion. A world of glamour backed up by the science of formulas and the technology of packaging and processes of development, manufacturing and quality. Efficacy and results wrapped by the magic of the publicity communication used by brands, and presented to make the consumer dream in a packaging that transmits the brand concept and a life style that the consumer would like to identify with.

Droppers are an excellent option for cosmetics due to their precision, easiness and safety in usage, currently a clear market trend.

Virospack, specialist in dropper developments and production, with 60 years assurance of expertise and quality, adds to its tech knowledge a high level of designs and innovative finishes in response to brand requests which are always looking for differentiation.

In this sense, Virospack presents an easy customizable proposal:

“The decoration of our pipettes: A way to provide customization to our clients with little cost and big impact. At our manufacturing facility we can silk screen standard pipettes with the colour, design or logo that our custumers require, providing them with their own customized, decorated pipette as per their brand style or the market trend.”