Aesthetics, differentiation, and sustainability, three milestones in Virospack’s spotlight

Aesthetics, differentiation, and sustainability, three milestones in Virospack’s spotlight

We all know that image is important and that a good presentation is the first step to success. Nor is it new to say that aesthetics plays a particularly relevant role in beauty, nor that design or innovation are fundamental in this sector; or that premium finishes are still one of the most well valued by consumers. To these kwon topics, sustainability must be added, a commitment that is gaining followers in the sector day by day and in which there is still much to do.

Responding to the strong market demand in recent years in search of a high-quality metallized finish for cosmetics, Virospack incorporated this section into its facilities a long time ago. A section that the company has repeatedly increased and renewed, to achieve the capacity and quality we offer today.

Currently in Virospack’s metallization section we have two automatic metallization lines with a production capacity of 40 million pieces per year.

Betting on state-of-the-art machinery and the continuous improvement in our processes and products, we have recently incorporated a new Sputtering line to this section that provides us with greater technical benefits to the process.

It is a new Sputtering line specially designed for Virospack, retouched based on our production needs and in search of the quality metallized finish that our customers demand of us.

The new Sputtering line allows us to make coatings with “metallic effect” with high abrasion resistance as well as high chemical resistance. In addition to these characteristics of hardness and abrasion resistance, it allows us in turn a greater variety of decorations when applied on the surface of high-quality consumer goods.

High vacuum sputtering is the cleanest of all coating techniques, it brings an unparalleled combination of advantages: 

First, it´s a more sustainable and economically efficient production method that generates the most subtle and uniform coating possible.

The new Sputtering line reduces waste generation, thereby reducing Virospack´s impact on the environment.

We are talking about a dry and low temperature process that forms an indestructible relationship between film and substrate – it welds them at the molecular level.