If you are looking for a touch of elegance, check out the Syringe Style VIROSPACK push button dropper.

This new designed push button dropper has an innovative actuator shape, giving rise to its name, the “syringe dropper”. This new style rouses the idea of cosmeceutical product in the customer, the effect of Botox but without the injection! This is very attractive to the higher-end markets.

This original shape actuator offers better control and precision during the application of the product on the selected areas.
When it comes to technical aspects, the dropper is available in three different neck sizes: 18/415, 20/410 and Europa 5, varying on two of the existing push button models (N6 and NL). They can fit the customers’ own bottle or can complement our tubular glass bottles with neck threads Europa 5 and 20/410 with a wiper, that ensures a clean swipe of the pipette. For ultimate luxury, we supply the metal clad bottles with these droppers. We can also ensure product compatibility and the best options for all types of bulk through our technical expertise.

On both models, the decoration and finishes provided are the same as for our standard droppers: standard white or black plastic, custom colours, metal shells or vacuum metallised.