The comsetics’ market has found yet another application for droppers, liquid foundation.

With the foundation formulae becoming more complex and liquid, there had to be a new way to apply them, as they are usually messy, spurt out too much or clog up. The use of a dropper avoids that, applying the necessary drops in the right place. With the use of a wiper in the bottle neck the dropper pipette is swiped clean, avoiding a messy neck thread. The pipette doesn’t clog up and no wiping of residue product on the spout is necessary, avoiding contamination. Another plus is that the restitution rate from a dropper pack is much higher than from a pump.

Foundation make-up packs can use classic bulb droppers or push button droppers, depending upon whether a pinch or just a single finger push is preferred and if the bulb is aesthetically pleasing as part of the packaging, or better hidden within the confines of the cap.

Virospack offers various bulb materials to ensure product compatibility as well as a number of decoration finishes including custom colour, metallization, metal shell, screen printing on the collar, and hotstamping.