The droppers are a clear trend in cosmetics. A packaging more in demand day by day for beauty and personal care products. A dispenser container with high precision and safety that allows a drop by drop dosage always keeping the formula intact until its application. An increasing trend in which Virospack, with 60 years of experience developing and manufacturing droppers for the most well-known international brands, plays a main role.

60 years innovating and trendsetting in this market is a long professional trajectory that supports the leadership and positioning of Virospack as The Dropper Company.

Today VIROSPACK, always at the service of brands, takes a step further with the launch of its autofill dropper.

Virospack presents the First Real Autofill Bulb Dropper of the market.

An innovative dispenser because it´s a push button dropper with bulb inside that has an automatic autofill system.

On the market there are other autofill packs, but none with a rubber bulb dropper. Virospack autofill is the first and unique bulb dropper autofill.

To the precision in the application and dosage, on top of the safety and protection of the formula, two advantages of Virospack droppers, now join the accuracy of the in-take of this new autofill bulb dropper.

Years of development reward us today with a result of high precision and quality. A high-tech autofill with an inside operating patented system with bulb that ensures an exact formula in-take in every click.

Virospack autofill is unique and qualitative, not only in its system operating, also in its look. With a premium closure for a total control and an excellent level of finishes, with high quality, definition and weight, for a good and satisfying feeling on closure.

Virospack autofill is the ideal dropper for cosmetics like serums, oils and low viscosity formulas in general. A precise and safe packaging, with an exact loading, high-tech and quality, totally developed and manufactured in our facilities. With an innovative and unique operating system, it´s the first real push button dropper with bulb. With a hermetic closure. With a precise system and a nice feeling to gestural level very positive connotations in use.

Available with bulb of rubber, either nitrile or butyl. With plastic and aluminium exterior, and with wiper inserted in the bottle to eliminate the excess product on extracting the pipette.

An autofill bulb dropper easily customizable thanks of our big range of finishes, all done and controlled in-house, ensuring, as always, the final result and answering of the needs and desires of our customers.


Unique autofill push button dropper with bulb.
Patented autofill system.
Available with bulb of rubber, nitrile or butyl.
Available with plastic and aluminium.
Precise formula in-take.
Premium closure control.
High quality finishes for a pleasant feeling of use.
Compatible with our range of moulded glass bottles –Wide and Slim- with 30ml of capacity and high quality and weight thanks to the tick of the button. Available with wiper.
Neck 20/410.
Easy to customize, in-house decoration.