Oils, always linked to aromatherapy and massages, have long since been incorporated into beauty routines. Its rich texture and pleasant to the touch, easy to apply and extend – with a few drops is more than enough to enjoy the visible nutritious, protective and regenerating effects – gains followers every day and converters into a market trend for years ago.

Today this wonder of beauty alchemy goes further and it are the multifunction oils that are here to stay. In a time when the reduction of materials is a necessity, and the lack of time a fact, it is not surprising that dry oils for face, body and hair become essentials in beauty routine. Consequently, there are many cosmetics of this type that we can find in the market. And some of them with really effective formulations, such as the new Oil by CODAGE.

It is a subtle blend of 8 exceptional oils with 8 synergistic effects:

Coconut oil -nutritive, sweet almond oil -calming, baobab oil -structuring, macadamia oil -draining, apricot oil -illuminator, hazelnut oil -protector, grape seed oil -antioxidant & pomegranate oil -anti -aging.

Oil by CODAGE is a complete formula specially designed for the body, face and hair, with a unique texture that adapts to every need and skin type. It’s presentation in a glass container with a cosmetic dropper by Virospack ensures an excellent functionality.

Glass is the best material to contain delicate cosmetic formulas. A glass in this case of topaz color for greater protection. And the dropper is undoubtedly the best option for dispensing and using oily formulas. Virospack, following the instructions of the brand, has manufactured this cosmetic dropper for Codage with the two pieces – bulb and cap – injected in black. Both components have a larger diameter design that fits perfectly with the 100ml bottle of capacity with which forms a balanced final set with greater visibility at the point of sales. It’s the pack for a multifunction dry oils like this one that, thanks to the precision and quality of the Virospack dropper, is easily and comfortably used. The dropper with an in-take formula capacity of 0.8ml, a bigger dosage for greater areas like boy or hair, guarantees a clean application on the face, body and hair.