New 50ml vial and dropper pack

New 50ml vial and dropper pack

Due to client demand to package formulas in different sized bottles, from promotional to commercial sizes, Virospack has expanded its standard range with a new 50ml tubular glass bottle, offered in conjunction with the company’s renowned dropper solutions.

The bottle’s design and capacity allow for its very proportioned size. It has a diameter of 34.5mm and is 88mm high with a standard 22/410 neck thread. Like the rest of the range, this bottle offers the advantages of tubular glass such as being strong, light-weight, and resistant. It combines well with the smaller dropper bottle already available, having the same aesthetic appearance.

The 50ml option is available in clear and amber glass and the deco options include spray painting (water or solvent based), screen-printing, and hot stamping.

As with all of the droppers supplied by Virospack the 22/410 has many material options to ensure compatibility with the formula. The dropper is available in urea, metalized, or with an aluminum shell with a PP inner cap.

The new 50ml vial and dropper by Virospack is the ideal packaging solution for serums, oils and hair treatments.