NUXE BIO is the new line of ECOCERT organic certified skincare from the Nuxe Group. 

It´s a range of ORGANIC certified and vegan skincare formulas, highly concentrated in ingredients from natural origin sourced locally from sustainable chains. Easily biodegradable and proven formulas (eco-designed), presented in mostly recyclable packaging (using recycled materials wherever possible). A range with which the brand shows its strong environmentally commitment in all its development, from active ingredients to final packaging.

NUXE BIO range is composed of 10 products, including two boosters dispensed in a dropper made by VIROSPACK.

We are talking about the Essential Antioxidant Serum and the Nutri-Regenerating Fundamental Night Oil, both packaged in an ecologically designed pack made up of an opaque green glass bottle that is the flagship of the new line and a dropper of the same colour that fits perfectly with the bottle, offering a sober and elegant final dispenser container that transmits the promise of the product.

A recyclable packaging* whose dropper has been developed by VIROSPACK for a reduced impact on the planet.

Dropper consisting of a TPE bulb, a collar with a double PP shell, and a glass pipette. A dropper from the Virospack standard range in which bulb and cap are injected in a custom colour for Nuxe Bio. A finish with a personalized decoration for the brand with solvent-free inks reducing CO2 emissions to respond to development premises and the commitment to the environment.

* Recycling guidelines may vary by country.