Caldera + Lab, the men’s skincare brand made in the USA, trusts in the wood and the black colour

Caldera + Lab, the men’s skincare brand made in the USA, trusts in the wood and the black colour

The Good is an excellent multifunctional serum presented in a full dropper pack by Virospack and developed by Caldera + Lab to be easy to incorporate into men´s daily routine.

The Good is a dermatologist tested and clinically-proven multi-functional serum, composed of 27 active botanicals meticulously infused to restore, nourish and protect the man’s skin.

Presented in a full pack manufactured and decorated in Virospack´s productive unit, in Barcelona –Spain-, according to the brand´s specifications, its package is composed of a moulded glass bottle with a dispenser dropper for a masculine and qualitative final set.

Glass is the best choice for delicate cosmetic formulas. Virospack moulded glass bottle offers an excellent performance to contain this natural serum with an aspirational image thanks to its bottom and thickness. The moulded glass bottle, with 30ml of capacity, has been fashionably decorated with black spray painting and grey screen printing to convey sobriety.

The dropper is the best option for a controlled, precise and comfortable usage. It’s a dispenser well-valued by men who hate holding their hands with cosmetics presented in jars or with formulas too much fat or thick. The Good´s dropper is a push button dropper with a wood shell cap and a black injected button. Masculine and elegant finishes for an easy-to-use, clean and intuitive dropper.   

Only a few drops are enough to combat multiple skin concerns including the effects of ageing, pollution, and sun damage. 

An elegant, aspirational, simple, and masculine push button dropper pack with the best functionality and precision manufactured and customized by VIROSPACK to Caldera + Lab.