Bold combinations that make a difference

Bold combinations that make a difference

We are already in summer and color, light materials and daring designs are protagonists of the season. This year, especially after the pandemic and the hard times that we have all lived through, color is coming stronger than ever in the Beauty sector as well.

VIROSPACK, with a wide catalog of standard references and customization techniques to offer fully customized solutions for brands, is also committed to color and the most sensual designs.

A FULLPACK made up of a high-quality, completely transparent, moulded glass BOTTLE, combined with a DROPPER made up of a CAP with an injected plastic sleeve with a glossy finish without paint in bright and cheerful colors, and an ergonomic BULB with an original design decorated in fun colors that also incorporate an innovative curvature in the center with a textured finish, it is undoubtedly a proposal that will not go unnoticed. A final packaging proposal, with multiple decoration options for a different and personalized finish for each client.

Consult our catalog and discover the large number of combinations that we offer you. Let us make you the best personalized proposal based on your needs and desires.

Virospack, always at the service of brands.


A more stylized and larger dropper, whose bulb has a curvature in its center that brings originality to the design while indicating the area where to press for the in-take formula. A curvature decorated to further emphasize its design with a textured finish that resembles a fingerprint and has a non-slip effect. A finish developed by the company with 3D technology that allows working at different depths and thus achieving this micro relief effect. A striking finish to the eye and pleasant to the touch, non-slip that will avoid a scare to more than one consumer.

A dropper that in addition to a novel design, offers a higher dosage, 0.8ml.

As for the CAP, it is not new to say that a glossy color finish conveys luxury and glamor. Now it is possible to be more respectful with the environment without having to give up a luxurious image, thanks to the new line of two PLASTIC CAPS from Virospack with glossy finish. We are talking about two new references of collars with a paint-free injected PP shell that offers a luminous and radiant finish by friction adjustment, without the need for any type of glue. It is a new dropper proposal with a cap that does not need inks, so we reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

Both caps have a large decorative surface and, like the bulb, can be injected in a wide variety of colors, as well as in a custom color if desired by the brand.

They are available with 20/410 and 24/410 necks, and they adapt perfectly to all bottles with these necks available on the market.