All new EasyShape droppers by Virospack

All new EasyShape droppers by Virospack

Virospack has recently introduced a cosmetic dropper that can be fully customized to complement the shape of any bottle. The EasyShape dropper is comprised of four components – three standard elements and a customizable collar. The standard elements are the inner cap in PP, the bulb in rubber, and the pipette in glass. The customized collar shape is available in urea or PP (urea being a smaller investment in moulding than the injection plastic). The standard neck size fits a 20/410 bottle, and the PP inner cap ensures that the compression plastic doesn’t come into direct contact with the glass.

Production of the compression plastic moulds used to design the collar has little cost, and is totally personalized. This assures that no dropper will look alike, and the shape of the dropper will align perfectly with the bottle range. The EasyShape dropper is a designer’s dream and provides cosmetic brands with an exclusive look.

Lead time for the custom moulds is six weeks and production time is eight weeks. Virospack produces all components in-house and also handles the decoration. Customers can trust the company to have complete control over all processes, from initial drawings to product production.

Decoration options for the EasyShape dropper include:

– Spray painting for both the collar and bulb
– Metallization for the collar
– Screen printing for the collar